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Anti-Snoring Treatment

An anti-snoring appliance is an ideal solution to cure your snoring problem. Snoring problems that occur in everyday life could become a threat to your health.


The official name for the anti-snoring appliance that we recommend is the Mandibular Reposition Device, abbreviated to MRA.


When using a standard MRA, the lower jaw is moved forward, which effectively restores air supply.


An anti-snoring appliance is custom-made and fitted for each individual. During the first appointment, impressions of your teeth are taken. It is important to use a custom-made MRA to ensure that the appliance does not slide around in your mouth and is comfortable to wear.


The anti-snoring appliance should be placed in your mouth shortly before you go to sleep. Patients fitted with dentures can also use an anti snoring appliance. In the field of anti-snoring appliances, several brands and models are available, including the SomnoGuard AP, SP SomnoGuard, SnorBan and AveoTSD.


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