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Anxious Patients

Sundays River Dental understands patients who suffer from anxiety when visiting the dentist and will assist you in overcoming this fear, ensuring that you are as comfortable as possible.


Fear of the dentist is unfortunately still common in South Africa. Approximately eighty percent of people are more or less anxious of the dentist. Five to seven percent is very anxious. People, who are afraid, sometimes do not even dare to go to the dentist anymore.


Because they often stay away for a long time, they get even more afraid to go: afraid that they might have gotten a few cavities in the meanwhile or they could have already started to experience some toothache!


Dr. Potgieter has extensive experience in dealing with anxious patients.


Here at Sundays River Dental we understand your fear and we offer several solutions that will help you take the first step in order to visit the dentist more frequently. With today's modern means many treatments can be performed virtually painless.


If your fear of the dentist is preventing you from going for regular check ups, make an appointment and we will try our best to make you feel as comfortable as possible. We can also assist with further advise, a treatments plan that suits your needs as well as a financial forecast.



What are you perhaps afraid of?


• the sound of the drill

• the vibrating feeling of the drill that you feel in your head

• pain during drilling

• pain during anesthesia

• the idea of the anesthetic with a needle

• the feeling that you do not have control when you are lying in the dental chair

• all the unknown of the treatment - perhaps you want know in advance what is going to happen

• the feeling that the surgery is cramped

• the feeling that the dentist might find you annoying

• the possibility that the dentist can make an error

• bad memories


Once you are afraid, there's a chance you'll still get more afraid when you arrive at the dentist. This is because your heart will beat faster, you might get a little dizzy, and maybe you will tremble. These unpleasant sensations can ensure the feeling of fear is reinforced.


Fortunately, you can do something to reduce the feeling of anxiety.


You can ask the dentist:


• to reserve more time for you than normal

• to only look and take x-rays during the first visit

• to explain everything in advance, so that you know what will happen

• to show you all instruments and explain what it is used for

• to tell you exactly what he will do and how long it will take during the treatment

• to show you with a mirror what he is doing (or not doing)

• to stop the treatment as soon as you raise your hand

• you could take your own music to listen to during the treatment

• you can hold onto something (favorite doll or scarf)


What you can do to be less anxious:


• find a dentist who can deal well with anxious patients

• tell your dentist that you are anxious before and anytime after the procedure started

• the dentist is aware of such problems and can do a lot to make you feel less anxious

• do breathing exercises and count to 500 when the fear overtake you

• If you take a relaxing or calming drug, discuss it with your dentist



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