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Pain in your teeth can occur at any moment.


Please contact us during office hours via Email for any pain complaint:


You can reach us via telephone during our normal opening hours: 041 581 8903

Contact us outside regular working hours via our emergency line when serious post surgery bleeding  persists: 085 645 1455

What to do if your teeth have fallen out / been knocked out:


• Find your tooth

• Do not touch the root

• Clean if necessary with milk or saline solution

• Place the tooth itself back into the socket or hold the tooth in your mouth

• Call the dental office for an appointment as soon as possible

• If you cannot place your tooth back into the socket yourself, preserve your tooth in a cup of milk or saline solution

• If one of your child's milk teeth has fallen out, do not place it back in the mouth, as this is not considered an emergency case and the child  can wait until his/her

p permanent teeth cut

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