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Our practice is contracted with most medical aids.  If your medical aid does not pay  in full for your treatment, you will be liable to pay the remaining amount.


1 x code 8101              (check up)

2 x code 8109              (infection controle)

2 x code 8112              (2x small intra oral radiographs,1x every two years)

1 x code 8115              (large intra oral radiographs, 1x every three years)













Two small intra oral radiographs are taken every two years.

These pictures will assist us in determining whether you have cavities or if any fillings are leaking.


















This picture is taken every 3-5 years in order to evaluate the following:


- Your temperomandibular joints

- Inflammation(s) of your root tip(s) that you might not always be able to feel

- Location of your wisdom teeth

- In young patients, we identify whether all adult teeth and molars are present

- roots left behind after extractions have taken place.

- overall periodontal bone loss

- maxillary sinuses

- results of orthodontic treatment and root parallelism before and during ortho treatment


Please note that we cannot know whether your treatment is eligible for reimbursement through your medical aid or not. This is because the various medical insurance companies offer very different benefits. Each insurance company offers its own dental insurance packages, many of which also differ considerably from one another.

Furthermore, the packages offered can change from year to year.


We can assist you by preparing a budget for you for each follow-up appointment, which will include the treatment codes and rates. You can make use of the budget to enquire from your insurance company whether you are eligible for compensation.


Of course we will also assist you in sending the request to the medical aid. Should you still have questions regarding the cost budget as to whether there may or may not be funds available for compensation, please make an appointment with your medical aid to discuss your queries in more detail.


A clear explanation of the budget can ensure that you avoid any unpleasant surprises or misunderstandings in the future. You are welcome to make an appointment or call our receptionist. We hope to ensure that all your experiences with us are pleasant for both parties!


Kind regards,

Sundays River Dental staff

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