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Teeth Whitening

Whitening of healthy teeth.


Home teeth whitening should only be done on recommendation and after receiving instructions from a dentist or oral hygienist.


Even a discoloration on teeth that is not too serious can be bleached from the outside, using a bleaching tray. The dentist or oral hygienist will first take an impression of your teeth and a dental technician in a dental laboratory will then manufacture a bleaching tray for you. Bleaching trays are manufactured from soft plastic, specifically to fit your teeth. This is important because only then will your gums be well-protected from the bleaching agent (peroxide).


You will be supplied with the bleaching trays and gel and instructions to take back home, which is why this procedure is referred to as a "home bleaching". Your dentist will instruct you as to how long you should use the bleaching gel to achieve the desired result. The trays are generally worn at night.  Depending on the degree of colouration, you could see results after just a few days or it might take a number of weeks.


During the bleaching procedure, your teeth and gums might temporarily become sensitive, please consult your dentist if any unumfortable sensation occurs.

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